Walking Our Own Path

Walking Our Own Path


Inside of us is a true connection to us, and all that is, has been, and will be. We have always had the answers inside; the key is to learn to work with the operating system and overcome the interference and objections.



We are so used to looking outside for answers, it is an adjustment to trust the new connections. There is no need to worry about being offline on the computer, or other devices; your connection is always with you. Instead of grabbing electronics, you tap in and go to your inner network operating system.


Radiant You!

Radiant You!

We are each brilliant and set up for this mission and have been dissuaded from this free connection since birth. No matter the objection you may engage with, the pathway is always open awaiting your call.


Our adventures at Be The Medicine are all about empowering you to build new pathways and access to you and this inner net and live from this place. You find there are realities that you have had access to before and now deepen them and learn to live them in your life. You find the straight path to you as you release the illusions of beliefs, fears, victim, less than, can’t and more, that have been blocking your connection all along.


Its all Inside

Its all Inside

It is pure delight to find that happiness and wholeness is always here as you. This is our birthright that has been blocked for many generations. The truth has always been in plain sight and yet our focus has been on illusions billed as truth taught to us at home, in schools, religions and life.


Waking up and finding our way home to us is the most fun and freedom there is. Having the wisdom and courage to overcome the old operation system in you, and awaken the powerful connection to true is what it takes.

We are not the ego self we have depended on, we are so much more and yet we were trained to follow it instead of living the higher self and life. Through spiritual awakening and profound simple process and tools and practices we align with our brilliance and live here now.

In the Flow

In the Flow

Ease and flow occur as we align with the truth of us and the Universal laws that are always the ones that work and support us.

The inner net is much more than our intuition, and needs understanding, clearing and refining to have a clear connection. Begin by being open to all you can receive from a place of inner wisdom. Learn to release fear and limiting beliefs and learn how to trust what you know.


It’s a journey of awakening and developing a new way of operating in the world. You can access others with a clear pure loving connection as well and eliminate mental and emotional interference. It makes life simple and easy with loving intent.

When you are in fear or negative intent you cannot trust what you receive as the truth is veiled by illusion and it is compromised. It is important to heal you as you awaken true.

Live the Power of You!

Live the Power of You!

Enjoy the Journey.

In Grace, Love and Joy!

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

973-647-2500 Phone, Skype, In Person

www.bethemedicine.com www.JanetStraightArrowConsulting.com

Retreats, Classes, Private sessions all are focused on you becoming fully empowered in all areas of your life and health, success, relationships, life purpose and joy are available. Learning to work with your inner net is a process and there are many direct ways to learn to access it with confidence. Call today to begin. I meet you where you are and focus on you individually as each person is on their own journey.

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Its All Here.

Its All Here.

I find reality is wherever you tune in. When you focus on the worst it is, and when you focus on the best it is. Negative is against life. Positive is in support of life.


We create with our thoughts and intentions and the world around us matches us. Even at the most challenging moments there are good experiences to be had.


Negative people will call themselves realists as they tell you why life is so bad. That is their reality and they support it and create more of it as they speak and live it.


Imagine another reality where you see things for their positive purpose and possibilities. You will not even relate to the group that sees things in the negative reflection.


Walking Our Own Path

Walking Our Own Path

When Shamans say the world is how you dream it, they are speaking a profound truth.


As I help people recreate their life and reality I help them find where they are creating what they do not want. From poor health to missed wealth, to success in business and relationships that work for them, we recreate and tap into a reality that is waiting for them to awaken to and live immediately.


When you get out of the box of fear and lack, there is a big world waiting at the door for you to emerge from and experience more. Breaking the patterns of hypnotism and cynicism you find a practical reality that flows and transforms even the most difficult situations.


Where you focus you create and the world is full of positive possibilities and love and joy. The more you focus on victim and not, the more of that that you create. The more you open to positive possibilities the more they show up for you in surprising ways.


Even in the worst of times there is tremendous beauty, love, joy and new life emerging from the ashes of loss and pain. Do not get stuck in the challenge or stay stuck in the remnants of the fire.


Support And Surprises

Support And Surprises

Open your eyes and heart and mind to more, and life will bless you with greater support, love and life than you ever imagined before.


Release the naysayers in your head and in your life and find a direction to focus on that gives you more of what you want.


I have been through the worst of times more than you can imagine and it was through all of this that I found my inner lover, wise woman, healer, teacher and co-creator of a beautiful reality that works in all areas of life and health.


I learned how the world works in all ways and focused on the truth beneath the heavy energy of suffering and pain, which I now find to be optional instead of real.


As bad as it gets, keep your attention to a better reflection of life’s possibilities.


Letting go of generations of rules and punishment that make no sense is helpful. We are not sinners, we are souls experiencing life with free will to make it the best it can be, or not.


As a co-creator, pay attention to your words. This is what create and reflect your reality. Is this truly what you want? If it is, keep creating better possibilities and realities. If not, begin with your words and see where you believe you deserve to live in the worst and change it.


Its All Inside

Its All Inside

You are the medicine for you and the world by the focus and intention and energy you hold. May it be good medicine that helps and heals.


We have been given free will to create our reality. When used consciously in every moment in alignment with the highest potential of truth and love you soar and live a life divine. When practiced daily more surprises and delights meet you and life makes sense.


When challenges come they are addressed with discernment and gratitude to learn from and transform into an even better life. Living challenges and loss with loving attention and focus allows new life to rise up from the old.


It’s a process and an important part of the work-adventure I share and teach and live everyday. Life is good.


Call or email to partake of powerful new ways to create your life from your innate brilliance and potential. We find the hooks and new pathways and easily move you out of stuck places.


Many Blessings on Your Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Janet.Bethemedicine@gmail.com 973-647-2500 (Phone down till 9/10/14)

www.bethemedicine.com, www.JanetStraightArrowConsulting.com for more.




Join is for classes and private sessions to create the life you want everyday.

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Hidden In Plain Sight

Hidden In Plain Sight

Our life and the world are full of illusions and confusion. How do we discern and sort this out everyday to live a successful happy life? Enjoy this short form pathway below to begin your journey.


TRUST FEELINGS. Positive feelings, sad feelings and other feeling perceptions can give us powerful information to discover truth. Tune in and pay attention to what you feel and know and act from this inner place. If it feels good follow it. If it feels bad see what it is and heal it or reject it.

QUESTION EMOTIONS. It there is emotions involved it’s good to question things; emotions show us where we are a bit off and can get sidetracked. Emotions that pull us up and down are suspect. Even if you are over the top in a positive way, note where it may be out of truth. Emotions show us where we can heal to find balance and truth.

DISCERNING. Unknowingly we are the greatest liars to ourselves until we learn how to discern and know truth. There is no blame in this just a part of living in a world of illusions and stories to be okay in the world.

UNDERSTANDING CONFUSION. If there is confusion, there is both the truth and the lie at play and it is for you to sort it out. Our inner self knows the truth and is at odds with the lies that we accept or want to be true. This is what causes confusion. What we wish to be true does not make it true and puts a veil of suffering and pain over what is and keeps us stuck.



LOOK INSIDE. We are used to looking to others telling us the truth, and knowing better than us and for us, and who we are. As we step into our own inner wisdom and knowing we can see the world in new light.

HEALING. Healing the inner wars of ego allows you to relate to others in a balanced way. Our illusions and misperceptions are the result of past wounds in our life offered skewed perceptions. when we free us from this hidden pain and problems we are free to discern truth and live it.

INNER KNOWING. The journey of inner knowing and mastery is one worth taking. To know what you know and navigate the world from this place, creates a strong, full, clear life. Stop and pay attention to what you are engaged in. With inner reflection you find you know more than you own or speak.

ACCEPT TRUTH. Truth, like it or not, gives you strong information to work with firm ground to move forward with in our life. We have been trained to protect others and us from truth, when knowing and sharing truth makes everything work smoother.

SUPPORT YOU. The more you support you the more you can offer meaningful support to others. Love you enough to discover your inner truth and bring it to consciousness. Taking care of you allows the highest perspective allowing no illusions or detractors.

TRUST. When you know the highest truth you can live your highest potential. As you live truth you can know more about the truth in others and they will trust you as well.

LIVE TRUTH. The more you live and know truth the easier it is for you to see and navigate the world. Trusting your perceptions is easier when you are clear emotionally, mentally and your ego is balanced and strong.

RESPONSIBILITY. Truth evolves in its understanding as you awaken higher consciousness. As you take responsibility for your place in the world and in your life you can assist others do the same.

COMPASSION. When you can be compassionate and loving with others and know and live truth you are free. Compassion begins with you. Honoring you and that you are doing your best and have challenges too allows you to see the humanity and vulnerability in others too.



HIGHER GROUND. When you can be at total peace in the storms of life you have balanced ego and awakened soul.

This is a journey of awakening and becoming free. Life is simpler, easier and has more joy!

Blessings on your Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Call Janet today to expand the teachings and pathway above. The Path of self-mastery is one worth taking. Janet’s forty-seven years of study and practice offers a neutral, professional and grounded spiritual journey for those who are ready for depth and success.

Assisting you on your step-by-step evolution to freedom and fun from wherever you are is StraightArrow’s specialty. Having walked the walk, Janet offers you a direct path to enlightened full living in business, relationships, healing and everyday life and purpose.

Janet.Bethemedicine@gmail.com 973-647-2500

www.bethemedicine.com www.JanetStraightArrowConsulting.com

Janet StraightArrow Ready for the Adventure

Janet StraightArrow
Ready for the Adventure



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Helping people live their healing has taken me to discover ways to open them to experience the truth of who they are. In a world focused on anxiety and fear and right and wrong, our soul is our peace and comfort in the storm.

We have been trained not to trust us or be empowered to make healthy wise choices and know what is best for us. Giving our power to others beliefs and systems keeps us unsure of our own counsel.

Looking to fit in to everyone else, keeps us from settling in and trusting our own divine structure of truth, wisdom and joy. The masters have told us in traditions around the world that we have it inside. Lesser masters have then turned it around and used fear to give our power to them in religions, medicine, sciences, academia, politics and more.

To discover our soul it is for us to unlayer the lies we have embodied, believed and listen to inside our head. These emotion filled thoughts seem to come from us because we have taken them on and they have been residing with us all the time.

To discern and clear these thoughts and beliefs is to rebel against others beliefs, fears and structures, especially family, that we have been trained to be loyal to. For generations we would rather belong to bad company then break free on our own.

The fear of doing this is of being alone, when the truth is we find the experience of all one. Once you have tapped into this enlightening experience and keep living it you find wonderful supportive company in and outside of you.



Your soul is the truth of you and knows all things. There is no man in the sky that has more dominion over you than your soul. You soul is the voice of God in you and is comforting, intelligent and gentle in its delivery.

There is no fear or judgment or blame or shame in this highest experience of God. We surrender to God by being holy and happy and healthy and living by Universal laws and releasing man made laws that limit and hurt us all.

There is a peace that goes beyond understanding of the rules of man that make no sense. The rules of the divine universe are grounded, simple and real and do not mix and match with man’s rules that are not aligned with truth.

Love you enough to embark on the journey of inner discovery. You need not go to India or another country, state or continent. The beauty and truth of the universe and you are inside waiting for your attention.

Love you enough to take the direct path to you and love and truth and you will find wisdom and peace every moment.

Be The Medicine offers ways for you to release illusions and find truth in all areas of your life. Getting to the soul of you is the ultimate journey and experience. You then have the answers, healing and abundant peace, beauty and love.

May this inspire you to take the plunge and begin to relax and find the peace and joy and wisdom you have inside.

True enlightenment is the most grounded and real journey you will take.

Live the Power of You!

Live the Power of You!

Many Blessings on your Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Call, write and check out our websites. 973-6472500 Janet.Bethemedicine@gmail.com

www.bethemedicine.com, www.JanetStraightArrowConsulting.com

BEGIN TODAY Individual sessions and ongoing coaching is powerful in moving you directly into your all knowing self as we clear illusions and have fun healing our body, relationships and life in all ways. Success is easy because you know what to do and how to handle things from inner wisdom and grace

Fourteen years ago I discovered a practice that gives us direct access to the inner self and soul and offers clear direct access to healing ourselves of all illusions and pain and brings us into direct communication to the soul of us. I have developed and refined this practice while teaching thousands of people in small groups now I look to share this with larger groups to experience enlightened living and joy.

See the pages on Soul Shamanism on www.janetStraightArrowConsulting.com for more. Blessings, Janet

WHO PARTICIPATES? Professionals in many areas, including Medical, Therapists and Healing Practitioners who are ready to walk higher ground and release ego and illusions do well on this journey of life, health and success. All seekers who are ready to empower themselves and learn timeless wisdom and live it enjoy the journey as well.




“I am so grateful for the work I have done with Janet and Be The Medicine in sessions and classes. Not only do I feel more comfortable in my body and life, I notice how important the work we do is to my profession and ability to be and do more than I knew possible. My gifts and purpose are unfolding with ease. The story of my life is becoming rich with deeper love and experience and losing the drama of my life before this time.” Wendy Kreiss-Parkin. Business Owner, Corporate Trainer, Healer

“Janet’s wit and wisdom rescues me from “falling off a cliff” or staying too long in the shadow of despair. She does it with grace and humor.  She has the innate ability to turn around what I perceive as a negative event and allows me to see the positive opportunity. We both end up laughing and I go forward with positive energy. Janet does not sugar coat her advice, rather it is “straight” talk and straight to the point.  Her name is not a random choice but reflects a true nature and identity. She does not coddle, but she is kind and compassionate.  The most important characteristic I value in Janet is her uncommon, “common sense” approach and her sense of humor. I believe she has special gifts to guide those who seek a higher truth about themselves and the world we live. “ Beverly S. MSN, FNP-C

Books and programs coming soon.

Connect on www.Linkedin.com/in/janetstraightarow



www.Twitter.com/jstraightarrow www.Twitter.com/Bethemedicine


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Waking up in 2014 requires a decision to solve the problems of the world beginning with our family and us. I met with a college administrator yesterday and she said they were being prepared for the newest generation Z to enter school this semester, known as those who want everything now. This is a huge problem of frustration that has taken several generations to develop in our society.

A big influence on now thinking is modern technology with instant everything, it is also about teaching children basic responsibility and life skills. As a society we have created young people who expect everything to be handed to them without responsibility for creating what they want.

The quality of education and services has gone down tremendously for over four decades. Standards of life have slacked off so bad that everything is falling apart in the world. People are busy pointing fingers and blaming instead of knowing how to stand up and make healthy changes that work.

Co-dependence and addiction of all things and behaviors is at an all time high as a way of coping. Parents are afraid to say no to their children, and allow unsafe and bad behavior and follow their requests at everyone’s peril. The fear is if we guide children and give them boundaries they may leave us.


As a parent, my fear was if I did not set good boundaries and teach my children valuing self and others, they would be lost. It was risky and not easy and yet it was what I knew was my more important job. Despite this my daughters were my friends and I was always the mother. I did not say no because of ego or control. I understood and tolerated normal rebellion, and when I said no it was because they needed to stop and learn their own inner knowing. It was far from easy.

In raising them I helped them develop their will, and I knew this was important to give them good understanding of their own individuality, choices and wisdom. I worried less and encouraged more and knew that they would learn by living instead of me telling them what to do or not do all the time. They proved me right more than not and became strong young women.

Our problems with parenting began with many generations calling the will a bad thing in a child or person. Parents thought their job was to tell kids what to do, think and feel. This practice stripped us of our confidence, and taught us to obey even when it was against us, and instead be good and follow society’s or family rules.

More recently parents have been trying different ways to evolve and support and change the earlier parents ways. Unfortunately the pendulum has gone to spoiling and not setting boundaries or teaching being responsible at all. What I realized is that parents first must learn to parent themselves where their parenting was unbalanced.




In a healthy society, children sign up for a parent who cares enough, and loves them enough, to teach them how to take care of themselves safely. This requires parents to grow up and be responsible as well.

In our home there was kicking and screaming and wanting to run away a few times, and I needed to be strong and pay attention to what they needed to learn and also what I needed to change and learn as well. I was less concerned if my girls liked me than if their needs were being met.

My ex-husband and I worked hard and had abundant money and yet we gave the girls a budget and encouraged them to work for what they wanted as soon as they could. They learned to value everything and learned about people and how the world works too.

We were always a team as parents even when we divorced, and when the girls tried to play us against each other, we called the other parent, instead of being the child with them.

In my personal healing journey I have worked through my sixty-two years of being alive and saw the mistakes I made. I looked at my parents life as well and realized we are all wounded parents raising wounded children doing the best we know how.

I grew up with my children, and kept learning and making better aligned choices for them and myself. It is a process of evolving, healing and learning that never ends for all of us.




Parents are doing for their children and giving them everything today more than ever. When they go to college and work they do not know how to earn their way and to figure it all out.

They want it their way now and make demands, hurl abuse and make excuses expecting others to tolerate this behavior. I have heard this from more than one college professional and employer.

People are lost and very angry and rebellious into their adulthood because they do not have the skills needed to cope and thrive in the world. They want everything to go their way without regard to the other people and circumstances that make up society. Blaming others occurs when you are not responsible and do not know how to do and be for yourself.

Over parenting and over soliciting is evident in children as a block as well. A child cannot sneeze or have a thought or action without going to the doctor or taking herbs and such or being psychoanalyzed or coddled. Hovering over each breath of the child so they do not have room to breathe chokes them into resentment.

Parents’ wonder why children rebel, one reason is because they do not want you to live through them; they need to learn to live well on their own and chose their own direction without worry of your judgment or expectations. Working parents may give too much to make up for being away, and stay at home parent’s hover and control and give too much too.

Love you enough to see where you can focus on raising your child to be self-sustaining and able to make healthy choices for themselves. Giving too much or doing it for them creates an imbalance and they know it. They feel helpless and angry.

Children resent a lack of courage and awareness to support their growth, and want you to stand up to them when they are hurting self and others. Fear of losing them will come true because they resent you for not supporting their individuality and need for their own experience to learn to run in their own direction. Or you may lose them to drugs or other escapes when they cannot cope with life and self.

Parenting and life are not easy and yet by you growing up, your children grow up too. Love everyone enough to sit back and see where you need to pay attention. Our world depends on the children of today who will be tomorrow’s leaders.




Raise children and you to be loving responsible people with your own unique gifts and strengths. Do not do their homework or make excuses for them, or you. Encourage them to succeed and allow them to fail so that they learn how to adapt and grow and succeed in the future.

Love them enough to pay attention when they hurl abuses on you. Maybe there is something in you that needs to grow up and change as well.

Loving your children begins with loving and knowing you. You teach by how you live. Your children will learn from how you are in relationship with others, and how you take care of you. They will either follow or do the opposite, and be mad at you if you do not give them a healthy example.

The best parenting is to support your child’s learning and growth by giving them a wide berth and responding when they give you feedback of their needs through anger, as well as love.

Love everyone enough to learn and change no matter the age. It is never too late for all of us to grow up and live happy, healthy and free.

Life is a journey of learning. Never give up on opportunities to make significant changes that will change your life and the world. When each person wakes up to their best self and lives it, the affect on many is significant.

“The best way to live the innocence of a child is to be a grown up first.” JSA

PS. My oldest daughter called me after she left home at the age of twenty and said, “Mom, I do not know how you put up with me. Thank You for letting me live. I would not have.” She was correct, she was the most challenging person in my life everyday, and that phone call was worth it all. My daughters have been my greatest teachers and helped me with my journey all the way.

May you find blessings and grace as we all grow up together.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Janet.Bethemedicine@gmail.com 973-647-2500

www.bethemedicine.com www.JanetStraightArrowConsulting.com


Individual, couple and family coaching assists many in bringing together the missing pieces and getting everyone on track. Call today. Business partners, individuals and and group coaching assists clients in making their business life successful too.




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Imagine a world where you are free to live a life of wisdom and grace, freedom and fun. It is here all the time. Many of the people who come to me are looking to heal anxiety, fear and depression, health issues, relationship and career issues as well.

They all leave with new tools, teachings, understanding and new perspective and hope that go far beyond what they have accessed before. Suddenly life becomes easier and not so challenging and they learn how to release the problem and live the solution.


Forty-seven years ago I was so sickly, in pain and depressed that our family doctor told me I would not live long. This was a life changing wake-up call for me, and took me on an amazing journey of healing body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul.

I was only fifteen and lived in a home of chronic critical illness of my father, all five of us had major physical and emotional challenges. Life was about fear of dad dying and all of the stress of illness and loss we encountered each day. In that moment of diagnosis, I had a revelation that it was all a dream and not necessary at all.

I decided to find my way out of this, as I suddenly realized that we did not have to be sick or in pain. I also made a pact to help others do the same when I figured it out. This has become my life mission and why I was so focused on this.


I have fought like a warrior for my life in all ways in these years. It was through choosing love and happiness as my compass, and a choice to live free, that I found the answers. I looked for complete healing and challenged the lies of our society that keeps us sick and insecure and hurting over and over and over again.

I looked for higher truth and kept asking questions when I encountered a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn more and heal appeared. This took many thousands of dollars of hard work and investment as I pursued traditional and unusual pathways to discover truth.

I took a decade of putting it all together as I continued to work with others and myself. I had trauma after trauma that many would have taken drugs to get through or give up on life and I practiced what I teach and learned much more as I felt better than ever.

This is not about me but about living the teaching as we all can.




This is an entire paradigm change, not just another pill or therapy session. When people are looking for quick fixes and not making life and mind changes they are signing up for more problems of the same only now they get buried deeper.

First we have to wake up to new ways of looking at our life and climb out of hopelessness and accepting limitations that are not there. It is not just chemical changes it is so much more that sets us up and gets us there.

The illusion is that change is hard. It is the greatest illusion that hurts us and stops us every time we say this. Change in alignment with the truth of our being and humanity is easy when we know how. It is always a choice to stay the victim and play the game of illusion and confusion.

I have been challenged on this in so many ways and still asked for freedom. This is my life mission and may be why the challenges come. I search for solutions and find them every time.

Begin by knowing that the negative thoughts in your head are the lies. You are a beautiful person who does not deserve punishment and instead deserve freedom and fun, love and purpose in every breath.

We get sucked into deep pain when we believe we are not worthy. There is a reality of peace and love next to the reality of depression and pain. Learning to move into that place and resolve all of the beliefs, fears and energy that put you there is the process.




Making life changes begins in your mind and opens your heart. It takes will and choice and the desire for freedom. From there all we learn and practice works easily, some days easier than others.

Breaking through illusion to freedom is my specialty. The highest spiritual-universal truth is the guide. When we live believing we are stuck here and not worthy we succumb to the lying negative thoughts in our head. When we know that love is always the answer beginning with us, we hold the key.

I have had people melted in chairs barely able to function who want a better way and results and without medication. I am happy to work with medical support as a team to get there. It is a spiritual journey of awakening. If you continue, the path leads to enlightenment, which is freedom from the illusions of limitation in the world.

This is a worthwhile journey of gratitude and grace for all who work through to freedom. There are challenges along the way as patterns and energy of lies are set deep in our body and consciousness and well worth finding our way through this maze to an open field of flowers and new life.

In these forty-seven years I have helped thousands of people and now hope to help millions more. We begin by being open to a new way to live and be curious as to what causes the illusions and how to break out and be happy, healthy and free.

Begin by taking a deep breath and asking for help from a higher source of you and all. We are limitless possibility we can make changes in our thinking and beliefs and be courageous enough to change the channel.




I am grateful for all of the people who have worked with me. Through our work together I learned more to help others. I honor the tenacity we all have to break through and be free.

Six years ago I thought it was time to bring this work out and I was stopped. At the sudden death of my daughter Lisa at twenty-nine of a pulmonary embolism, I again went deep into pain and loss and was shattered beyond belief. I was taken to the depth of despair wondering what the world and this life was all about. Three months in I had a revelation that each human faces deep challenges waking up each morning and we have great courage to continue each day.

During these days and years after, my body and life was at its most challenging point and I lived the work I had been teaching and healed myself once again. To begin at the beginning of that deep dark place and know what I knew and choose to keep going and refining the work as I moved through all the stages of recovery was the hardest thing I did and yet because of this mission and purpose it encouraged me to go on and bring it out for many even more.

This work is unfolding on a grand scale. Currently I am working privately and in classes. If you are interested in this adventure to you, call me at 973-647-2500.



TESTIMONIAL. The testimonial below is from a woman who came to me in a very challenging place, just off drugs for the last time, the mental health system gave up on her after a decade of problems. She has become an amazing success in all areas of her life. If and when she goes into a place of illusion she knows what it is and turns it around. Challenges happen and yet choices are possible and she continues to thrive.

“Janet StraightArrow is a precious treasure; a rare individual who knows the truth, speaks it and most importantly lives it herself.  She emanates divine love, which touches the souls of all who are open.  Her specialty is the process of healing, which leads to the remembrance and embodiment of ones whole self.

As a result health is restored, relationships flourish and the mind becomes clear. I have never met anyone as extraordinarily wise, honest and compassionate as Janet.  Yet, despite her immeasurable worth and abundance of energy she is very humble and patient.

When I thought I had lost myself forever the universe led me to Janet StraightArrow and Be The Medicine. The process I was given was simple, efficient and as I soon came to learn: completely revolutionary.  Janet is a visionary, light years ahead of this world but lovingly here to teach us how to bridge the gap.  If you are ready to invest in an abundant life filled with constant health, happiness, truth, beauty and light, look no further as StraightArrow will show you the way. “ Ariana L. Media Artist, Technical Creator

More testimonials on www.JanetStraightArrowConsulting.com website.

You are worth every effort to live your true life of freedom.

Blessings on your journey,

Be-the-Medicine03-1Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

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A Weekend Retreat to Rebirth You! Experience Relax Review Enjoy Vision Wonder

photoAs you step into this retreat you are dedicating this time for your own reflection and receiving deep messages and healing.

The focus is to relax into your true self and allow all the illusions in your life to melt away. Being in the company of fellow travelers on this journey you are together and yet honoring your own space and time for you.

We always are a group of unconditional acceptance and loving beings mirroring one another and supporting one another as we dive deep and mine the gold of us.

Immersed in loving presence we enjoy the process of the ceremony that unfolds moment by moment. All is sacred and all is present in beauty filled ways.

Janet StraightArrow holds us in a high vibration of light and love creating a safe container for us to let go and be. Over the weekend all are holding this container as well and bringing it home with them.

In the Mitote we gather to hold the light in the middle of the night, which offers us the deepest experience, and chant the highest vibration chant in Sanskrit to awaken the greatest light in all and us. In between rounds of this we sleep and dream and break through binds of illusion gently.

With plenty of rest before and after we awaken in the morning on Sunday to sit in our spots picked out the morning before and experience our oneness and selves in solitude with nature holding us and mirroring us to receive visions and clarity to take back into the world. We sit for 4 hours depending on our choice.

Laugher fills the air along with sacred sharing and silence. There is great joy in allowing this space to open for all. As you connect to the you within all relaxes and makes sense.

There is ceremony and preparation for each stage. Our time in the woods is with water only letting go of food and everyday worries of life to be receptive and open to messages.

We return with a newfound peace, courage, strength and wisdom and direction to face the world anew. You are welcome to stay until Monday to journal, walk in nature, relax and enjoy solitude or company of others.

We each bring a dish of healthy food to share.

With the Sun, Jupiter and other planets being in Leo over the weekend it is a rebirth of Sun-Soul of the earth, you and all.

photo“I am very honored and excited to offer this retreat August 9-10. After so much deep change in the past year(s) for all of us, it has not been an easy journey, and this week in July energetically marks freedom from the tension, rebirth of the spirit and brand new beginnings. This experience offers a place and time set aside for you to experience liberation, deep connection, dreaming and visions for your new life. The group of men and women gathering are long time practitioners of many studies and practices ready to see what their souls have to offer for this next phase of their lives. Send your deposit to reserve your space and begin the journey today.” Janet StraightArrow

WEEKEND RETREAT IN THE POCONO MOUNTAINS – TOLTEC MITOTE AND VISION QUEST Come Saturday to Sunday. Formal beginning Saturday AM and You may arrive leave Sunday if you must. Deep, Profound, Intense, Beauty Filled. Deposit $100 immediately. We stay in a gorgeous cabin in the Pocono Mountains in Long Pond, PA on private property. Raise your energy and awareness and break through illusions, fears and ego blocks in our deep practices and overnight dreaming work. Sunday we will move into our own space on the earth for 4 hours of reflection and experience. Preparation packages will be sent.

Awaken strength, courage, wisdom and grace. Practices and teachings from StraightArrow’s two years with a Toltec Nagual in Peru, Mexico and New Mexico in this overnight setting allows a deeper healing and opportunity to breakthrough stuck places.

As a Nagual Shaman Janet moves your assemblage point enabling you to make permanent changes in your life aligned with your truth. Our Vision Quest begins Saturday night as we prepare for 4 hours in the woods on Sunday.  Everyone contributes healthy food to share; we will be eating light so that we can fast easily on Sunday. Sunday we will awaken and each participant will go to his or her sacred space they picked out on Saturday morning.

Offering is $350 for weekend experience includes recording and follow up phone call. $50 cash for accommodations day of retreat. Deposit of $100 immediately and pay in full by retreat day. Janet is co-coordinating meals. SEND YOUR DEPOSIT ASAP TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE. Send Check to Be the Medicine, 18 Bank St, Morristown, NJ 07960 Credit card on PayPal Donate button on homepage of website http://www.bethemedicine.com. Suggest payment plan.

In the Pocono Mountains just off Rt 80 1/2 hour from Delaware Water Gap. Near 380 and Rt 81 too. In  a quiet area of local lakes near the Area of Pocono Racetrack.

Testimonial “We just finished a Mitote weekend retreat. We were in an amazing space but the truth is it would not matter where we were. Janet brings the safe container and then we build upon it. By safe container I mean a safe place to explore your true self, cut out the illusion and discover who we really are. We were able to experience the love within and integrate it so that we can bring it back out into the world more whole and strong and resolved to be our true selves and abide in our true nature. Janet’s StraightArrow approach is loving and keen as it cuts through the BS and helps you to heal. Janet is able to see each person as they are and kindly, lovingly move him or her into their truth. Thank You Janet, I love you.”

Begin the Adventure Today!Janet StraightArrow offers these retreats for groups. Contact her to offer this at your location she is also traveling with this work on sacred journey retreats. Mitote weekends without the Vision Quest are also very powerful transformational experiences for all.

Blessings on your journey wherever you are. 

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!



973-647-2500 Janet.bethemedicine@gmail.com

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