Since we are the owners and operators, and healers of us, who better to know what is happening with us, and why, and how to heal it? There are many levels and many perspectives to healing. In this practice we will stay open to discover all levels of perception, to learn how to help and heal us, and later support others too.

The medical model in this process is expanded into perfect health. Letting go of all beliefs and fears about disease, pain and depression, we open to healing, which is our wholeness and divine expression. All things are possible, and the more we understand us, the easier we can heal and be.

Having studied healing for almost fifty years, questioning everything, and focused on complete healing, I explored traditions and practices from around the world that each gave me pieces, answers and awakened more questions to continue my research.

In our world today, and for a long time, we have been blindly addicted to a quick fix, instead of being open, and curious enough to allow complete healing. Quick fixes are poor substitutes, and not healing at all. A Band-Aid will never heal a cut; it is the human that grows back the skin. To focus on pills, instead of what is really occurring, reinforces the pattern of the problem, which will continue to become worse, as more of the body and human breaks down from neglect and denial.

Radiant You!

Radiant You!


As humans we have innate intelligence as to what is occurring in our body and life. When turned on, and tuned in, we have the wisdom of everything we need to know, inside of us all the time. This is true intuition – knowing. It comes from our body and soul. The body speaks and the soul interprets. To get the human ego self out of the process is important for clear answers, and redirection to wholeness and health.

Over many hundreds of years, maybe thousands, we have forgotten who we are as divine humans. Living in the illusion of the Matrix, we have a choice to be awake or asleep. To be awake is delightful, because there is peace and comfort, logic and fun, solutions and wisdom there.

To wake up, is to claim our wholeness, and allow the process to bring us back there, in full consciousness. The truth is we are always whole; it is in healing the illusion that we are free.




To begin we slow down enough to feel and listen and learn from our body. The intelligence of the body heals itself 24/7. To live in alignment with this healing is key.

Lets begin with an example of a headache. In our culture popping pills to alleviate the pain, can be the first course of action, so we can get on with our day and life. This is the Band-Aid.

When working with others or me, I tune in without prejudice or mind involvement. I question why the headache is occurring and let go. When there is a clear space open for information, the response is immediate.

One of the most common causes of headaches is a need for more water. Our body being mostly water, needs constant hydration. There are many more reasons for headaches, body, mind, emotions, memory recordings, past experiences, stress, drugs we have taken, nutrition, attitude and many many more causes and solutions to know. These are perceived and discovered as well.

If we take a pill without addressing the imbalance or problem, the headache will get worse, the pain comes back or continues, and the body goes into severe distress leading to disease. When we use medical intuition, we answer the message of the body with the solution, and prevent more pain and disease.

Balance Clarity

Balance Clarity


Learning to silence the mind, and open to direct knowledge, is the process that is developed. Letting go of what you think you know, or what you are afraid of, to discover amazing new information, is both rewarding and fun!

Learning to trust your increased perception, and your unique way of knowing, is another skill developed. There are myriad causes and direct solutions when you learn how to perceive and heal directly. Working in concert with medical support is encouraged when needed. Everyone has a lot to learn when we work together.

Imagine how many people can be healed quickly and easily when their heath care professional can get to the cause directly? Imagine how health can build, instead of decline, when you are immediately responsive to your body’s needs and communication?

Travel to the Center

Travel to the Center


In forty-eight years I have learned the logic and common sense, and the magic and mystery of the body and us. When moving into our simple truth, life and health unfolds with ease and grace.

Eliminating fear and control, and developing patience, in the process is a journey in itself. Any block is fear in all of its guises that keep us from moving inward and forward.

Learning to clear all illusions requires us to continue to awaken to the greater truth of all and us, and it’s quite the ride. Instead of looking for the dark side of us, know that we are all light. Claiming the healing instead of the disease allows access to the solution easily.

Live the Power of You!

Live the Power of You!


Be The Medicine offers a direct pathway to awakening and living your highest truth, purpose and knowledge in everyday life. Our focus on health brings us into direct knowledge of what is occurring on all levels of us, and how to bring all of us into alignment, balance and wholeness.

Methods of healing that actually work and address all levels of us are a part of the training and learning. Curiosity is developed, more perspectives are awakened and life and health become enlightened instead of feared.

Join us and sign up for this blog, and in classes and sessions, and upcoming trainings to Be The Medicine and become the medically intuitive healer you are. It’s peaceful and loving to live in concert with us and support our healing and life in every way.

This is a great training for Allopathic and Holistic Health Care professionals, Bodyworkers, Psychotherapists, and people from all walks of life. Learning how to perceive, and how to be the healers of us, is a great gift that changes our perspective and ability to respond in all areas of health and life.

The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins

Blessings of Delight,

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Learn to appreciate the amazing beings we are. Please reach out for support in private sessions or for professional and personal training. Janet always teaches as she supports your healing and becoming. StraightArrow guides and assists people to heal themselves though all life changes, stress and disease, anxiety, pain and depression, to full healing and expression. It’s always a unique journey and an adventure together. Medical Intuitive Readings lead to learning and healing and supporting you, making your life work in ways you may have only dreamed about.

Contact Janet StraightArrow by phone or email


New Blog-website developing

Original Website with Calendar and more

First Level Class offered in Morristown, NJ April 8-May 20 on six Wednesday nights 7-9pm

First Level Class in NYC at the Open Center May 28-July 2 six Thursday nights 5:45-7:45 pm

A full Be The Medicine Medical Intuitive and Healing program is being offered in 2016. Stay tuned.

More locations soon.

See testimonials page for more on working with Janet








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LIVING AS GOD: Unraveling the Mystery of Mastery

The Clear Path

The Clear Path

There are at least a million reasons, excuses, beliefs, fears and illusion of sins, which keep us from experiencing our divine birthright. Living in a world of lies and confusion we have been taught to fear exactly who we are and why we are here.

We are Masters-God veiled in illusions and confusion, fear, and ego playgrounds of too much and not enough, when all along we are just right, whole, and perfect in every way.

The scriptures in every religion give us amazing truths mixed in with man made rules and a variety of interpretations of God that keep people subject to someone, something or some group that Lords authority over people. There has been so much wounding and confusion, anger and fear, where today, God has become negated, and not a valuable word or truth, for many.

God is divine principle, creative force and divine truth that rules us all. When we live in alignment with this, our life works, our health improves and we become wise and peaceful and loving all.

The Lord is within each and every human being on this planet. Each one of us as God evokes power, wisdom, love and mastery. The veils are very thin between our worldly consciousness and this truth, and yet they hold great illusion and power, when we are not free to be, or think we are.

As Above So Below

As Above So Below


Living in wisdom is living peace, love, truth, beauty, health, happiness and light. Reclaiming our wisdom requires that we awaken to be free. Authority has been given to fear and those who would harm us by keeping us separate from our divinity.

To tap into our innate mastery we focus on divine love, oneness and the power to be who we are. We let go of any limitation and open to divine truth and love. Who is any voice in our head, man or woman to tell us we are sinners, or not good enough to be empowered to be the beauty and truth of who we are?

We have been socialized to live by rules and roles, schedules and measures, jobs and expectations that may not agree with our inner master, the one who knows. The separation of the self from the self, truth, and unconditional love, creates dis-ease and disease.

Our true self, who has been talked over, denied and suppressed, is the true power of us that knows and wants harmony. This self has no ego, fear or opinion; it lives by the truth of spiritual-universals laws and the truth of who we are in this body today.

Living Our Whole Soul

Living Our Whole Soul


To discover this truth this divine soul-self,  we let go of everything else to perceive the subtle, gentle voice of wisdom that is here for and with us always. Often, when I ask people if they hear this inner voice, they say yes, and in the next breath, but I ignore it of course. The mind is subject to the soul, it takes practice to slow down and listen, trust and to respond to our higher intelligence.

The first block we encounter is doubt, judgment and fear. How can we be God when we are so powerless? Even the word power is feared as bad or wrong. Power is a strong clear word meaning to be in full mastery of us, acting in unity, love and harmony.

Power over, is based on the opposite, separation, fear and ways to steal what is not ours from others. Fear is used to control us, and we have been trained as well as the Elephant with a small rope to a stake, to stay within bounds of fear and our acceptance of others who lord or hold man made law over us.

These lords or laws are illusionary and real to us, as fear is based on superstition, and yet  it has even the most intelligent person reacting to it and easily back away from the truth of their soul. To retrain us to stop reacting to fear which can also be very subtle, and trust our infinite inner knowing and power. This is the walk to be walked to live as God.

Trusting our innate wisdom and truth is a practice to listen and follow and build on  daily. The subtlety is there, no blaring reasons or excuses, it may only say things once, so its good to listen, learn and follow. It is a knowing that we feel inside of us as truth.

Light and Love

Light and Love


When we discover the divine truth of self and all and live it, all illusions fall away. When we try to mix divine truth with what we want to believe of manmade laws and our own desires, we live in doubt and confusion.

As I studied many healing modalities, religions and traditions, I found confusion in each one. As I discerned out the fear, control, separation and beliefs of that tradition that were opposed to divine law, I found the power and truth in the message and learning. I could not surrender to belong to any group or religion, as it had lies of the world mixed in with the truth of the divine. Each tradition have had unique perspectives and gifts to offer, learn from, and teach too!




There is only love, peace, happiness, beauty, light, oneness and perfect health in our truth as God and divine humans. Everything else is the illusion of the world to be released and dismissed from us in every way.


When we arrive at divine truth, everything makes perfect sense. There is no more confusion, opinion or fear, there is peace and comfort here.

We have been raised to be sinners and less than so at first we might sneer and fear the purity of our being. We have free will, and as God can play any part that supports, or even hurts all and us. That is also our right. Playing in between gives permission to the illusion to trap us and play with us as much as they can.

When we live in alignment with divine truth and love we have achieved our mastery. We stop looking outside for everything when we know how to live from the truth of us each day.  We know the wholeness when we get there, and live there, and hold all and us as sacred and dear, living a life divine.

There is so much more to share and write. May this give you some food for thought and be a blessing for you to imagine and aim towards in your journey to you.

Live the Power of You!

Live the Power of You!

In Joy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Be The Medicine began as a journey to reclaim perfect health when I was diagnosed as a sickly teen, to die a short painful life. I was inspired by the stories of Jesus and what he taught and lived and how he healed. My journey these 48 years has been to discover how to live this too. Bt my early twenties I discovered my mission was to write, speak and teach to assist others on their journey to complete healing and divine living.

If you are looking for a spiritual mentor to help you refine your journey and step into ascension and mastery call me to see if we might work together. There are teachings, tools and practices that together awaken you to be who you are, happy, healthy and free. This is a neutral path of awakening, healing and becoming who we are. Joy and love is the journey honoring all along the way.

Janet StraightArrow

Janet StraightArrow

Assisting you to know who you are as human and divine is my specialty. It is always such a gift to midwife people of all ages and walks of life into themselves. Peace, comfort, clarity, confidence and harmony result. Having walked the walk, and paid attention to the process with thousands of people and me, I  enjoy my roles as guide with gentleness, fun and compassion.

When you are ready

Contact Janet StraightArrow by Phone 973-647-2500 or Email Janet 

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Health is our Nature

Health is our Nature

“Health is our Wealth. Zero Tolerance for Anything Else.” Janet StraightArrow


The first thing I noticed twenty-three years ago, as a new energy healer, was how clients were not fully focused on being healed. One moment they would speak one hundred percent in the direction of what healing they wanted to accomplish in our session, and in the next breath they would speak against their healing.

Healing means to become whole. To be whole we must erase doubt and fear, and focus on perfect health. When we go back and forth, our body/being is thrown back and forth and up and down like a see saw, and is blocked from the full possibility of healing. Finding balance and aligning with health and us is needed, so that healing can occur.

Our body is always working in the direction of health and healing. Its for us to get on board with our part. Healing mind, emotions, body, soul and spirit, means to align with our perfect blueprint of all aspects and the combined wholeness of us.

Embrace Wholeness

Embrace Wholeness


As a fifteen year old in 1967, who was chronically ill and in pain, I was given a dire diagnosis. I was devastated to be told I would have a short painful life, and in that moment I began a new life plan.

I had a radical belief that we did not have to be sick or in pain, and began a wonder filled journey to wholeness and health.

I chose health, and I continue to choose it everyday. When I have an imbalance, problem, pain or symptom, I immediately look at; me, my nutrition, my thoughts and attitude, and how I am living in or out of sync with me, and make the needed corrections. I have been living this, and studying deeper understanding and solutions on healing with traditions around the world for forty-eight years with great results, as I have helped others do the same.

We Are the Sun

We Are the Sun


Overcoming the hypnotism of the culture is important. We live in a society of hopelessness and fear when it comes to our body and life. There is abundant information as to how to heal, and yet many fall prey to avoiding exactly what will help.

I found this to be pretty typical over the years, as a culture, we do not believe healing is really possible.

It is only impossible if we stay on the same course that created it, and throw medicines at it, instead of educating us on true healing, and how to accomplish this.

Modern medicine does not believe in healing. Insurance companies and AMA focus on keeping us in disease as normal, advocating us breaking down from chemicals and avoiding what works and dying before our time. They use Band-Aids and empower doubt, because methods used, do not return the patient to their wholeness. There are many missing pieces that they have not been willing to look at beyond their training, beliefs and scope, to accomplish complete healing.

There is good purpose for modern medicine; used with awareness and responsibility in concert with the focus on health there will be less disease, pain, depression and toxic chemicals, and more healthy avenues for all. The medical costs and abuses of the industry are fed by the fears of the masses that support it. A real focus on health care is needed by all. Begin with you.

By working with the responsibility and knowledge of our body/being, we are good healers of us. Medical and other health care practitioners can only fully help us, when we are working in alignment with wholeness, and with our higher intelligence of us.

Our true nature is perfect health. When we focus on allowing this with no doubt, we open a pathway to allow the body/being to do what it does naturally, heal itself.

When we focus on fear and disease we manifest these. When we focus on health, our body is grateful for the support, and all of our energy focused on healing us, to become whole again. When we are in sync with us, we relax and notice a difference immediately.




Be your own advocate. The way to heal is to choose it and live it each day. Instead of believing that there is no hope, get back in the drivers seat of your life. Stop blaming others, and find the truth in you, and make choices from here.

We are magnificent beings capable of great things, beginning with the care and feeding of our beautiful bodies and mind. Blend your mind and actions together to advocate for you everyday in every way. This is the greatest secret of healing.

Listen to your body, and make the changes you need to allow the healing to occur. Invest in you, go beyond what you have been told, and be curious in learning how to heal. The best medicine is, aligning with your best results, and continuing to live this path to completion.

When we learn to access doctors and medicine with awareness and choice as dictated by our highest intelligence and ability, we will know when surgery or chemical medicines are what we need, and we will know how to work with more natural ways of living and healing too.

This is a natural skill that must be developed with practice and surety. As we let go of fear, our nature as healers unfold and appear.

Chose health with every thought and breath and live your best life today and everyday.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Live the Power of You!

Live the Power of You!

Call today for support on this journey to you. StraightArrow’s experience and insights to all levels of health and how to return to our nature on all levels of our being, mind, body, spirit, emotions and soul, gives you solutions and hope and actions to take immediately. As Janet finds the subtle and larger ways that you can change, she assists you to go forward and live if everyday.

Awaken your innate healing and knowing power, and learn how to help you, and others too. Janet has studied healing and empowered living for 48 years, and brings the best to you in each class and private session. Hiring this healer, teacher and health coach focused on bringing people back to their wholeness, you will be amazed at how easy it is when you know how.

Skype, phone or in person experiences can be recorded so you can continue the learning, tools and practices on your own. Learn how to come back to wholeness, and be your own advocate each day. In Joy! 973-647-2500 www.Bethemedicine.Info


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The ego plays the game of both sides against the middle. The Soul is sitting in the middle waiting for us to show up, relax and be. The ego has abundant dialogue, fear, reasons and excuses. The soul sits quietly like a Buddha in meditation awaiting our attention.

The key is to align with the soul, instead of the fear based ego. The ego has all of the drama and excitement. The soul is content as it gently guides us by being itself. The adventures unfold and appear as we let go of fear.


We are trained to follow the ego of fear, which is how we are separated from the power of self and soul. When we know the true nature of both, and choose to follow the truth of our soul, there is nothing to fear. Wisdom acted on is our best safety. Zero tolerance in our thoughts, speech and actions for what are not us is the key.

Whole Soul

Whole Soul

We are soul in a body. A wise and strong ego follows the soul and is whole. The soul is gentle quiet and dear. It does not stand up and shout from the rooftops they are here. Our soul journey is to fall in love with us, and find the love and grace and truth of who we are, soul.

Any beliefs and separation from others and us, is ego and takes us away from all and us. Trying to do it right, or follow an outer path or belief system, takes you away from you, is not true.


Connecting to the quiet wisdom of your soul and aligning with the divine you brings you whole. It’s more than meditation, its letting go of; distractions, fears, beliefs, showing off, fitting in and more, and instead being you wherever you are.

Its about us knowing we are empowered to be wholly who we are, and loving us, step-by-step as we find peace and comfort there.


Walk in Beauty

We have to want to release the drama and the trauma, give up the fight with the fearful ego, and surrender to the Buddha and Christ in us. Peace and love is who we are, each one of us a perfect shining star.

All of our classes and sessions in Be The Medicine and Soul Shamanism are focused on supporting this journey to you. We have fun as we loosen the ties to the lies, and dive into truth and us, until we reside there most of the time.


Our soul is always whole and it is working towards bringing us back together again. No Fear, Doubt, Judgment or Blame live there. Only Love, Truth, Beauty, Peace, Happiness, Health and Light live as soul. Releasing the rest allows us to be whole.


The Clear Path

The Clear Path

It is a process and a practice to live in the center of us, and it’s a journey well worth taking. We have free will and we choose each moment. Playing in the playground of ego fear takes us out of here. Marrying the self with the soul gives the ego a healthy productive job that makes us whole. It is a new perspective and fun because it is organic and natural to be who we are. The joy of discovery is quite the ride.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey. Meditation, breathing practices, Shamanic experiences and journeys and more modalities, practices, and tools are all focused on bringing you front and center in your practical everyday life and your spiritual life as one. It works best that way as any separation leads us away from the center of us again.

Being whole with our soul is enlightenment and possible for all.

In Grace and Joy!

hat3_0001Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!



Enjoy-blogs, articles, classes and sessions, and testimonials along with daily inspiration below.,,

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Honoring the Journey New Year New Life

Every Day Begins A New Life.

Every Day Begins A New Life.


What a holiday two weeks. As the world goes back to work and school I realized for me it was not about Fa La La La in the traditional way, and I was ecstatic to move through what the space and time provided.

I feel like each day was a year in itself in personal progress and change. SO much has happened in the past days, weeks, and also months and year. It is definitely new beginnings on a whole new scale.

The holiness for me was in putting the pieces together again. As I moved my office and reorganized my home, I came home to me in powerful new ways. In both of these locations I began my tenancy in deep grief with the sudden loss of my daughter Lisa. As I went through things, and dug deeply I realized how much I experienced on all levels in these years.

I am grateful to have had the energy, dedication and strength to move as much as I moved physically and inside too! Going through photos, flyers, personal notes and belongings I appreciate how much I have been loved and held as I moved forward spiritually, and did my best to be here now through it all and learned and grew to share it with wisdom and love.

Solstice_Sun_DogSo much beauty and so many special people, so much awakening, and offering teachings and joy. I honor this time as I close many chapters, and I surrender more completely to the best life has to offer next.

Thank You for walking this walk with me. It’s quite the journey for us all.


Honor your passages. Celebrate your ability to make changes. Let go of fear, doubt,  judgment and blame and negative thoughts and stand strong in what is best for you.

The straight path opens up when we stop circling around in fear. Allow the journey to unfold. Life is full of mystery as to what is before us.

Moving and cleaning out things physically, opens up new energy and allows flow and grace.

We can be surprised by sudden changes and loss. These are course corrections. Honor your grief and adjustments and remember there is always new life to be lived.

Be willing to change plans when a new clear plan appears. When we trust the inner self we can jump off figurative cliffs into literal realities. Our inner guidance moves us in our best direction.

Having patience with the process is key. Love you enough to trust your life unfolding and hold nothing back.

Janet StraightArrow Enjoy the Adventure of you!

Janet StraightArrow
Enjoy the Adventure of you!

Happy New Year!


In Love and Grace.” Janet StraightArrow Be The Medicine


Walking our true path is helped by seeing truth and illusion and choosing truth. This is a refined  path that Janet Straightarrow has walked and assists others do the same. When we are hurting, challenged and stuck, or sick, depressed or in pain, Janet helps you find the hidden hooks and blocks to walk the direct path to solutions and living a whole, happy, healthy life again.

Private sessions on phone and Skype are available world wide. In person sessions in NJ, and at your location when you sponsor her for a class with your group. Call or contact StraightArrow at 973-647-2500 New Blog Website Original Website

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Be the Captain of Your Own Life

Janet StraightArrow The Adventure of You!

Janet StraightArrow
The Adventure of You!


I have always valued a strong will. When we can stand for us, and others, in a healthy supportive way, we can accomplish everything and anything.

When we have a high tolerance for what is not okay, and allow excuses and reasons to prevail, we are easily lost in a world of denial and hurt, leaving the shore, pulled by the undertow and soon to be lost at sea.

Our being panics, and becomes fearful and anxious because we are not listening to the inner one who knows. Health, happiness, peace and joy are lost when we live lies instead of truth.

Our innate being, our soul is our conscience, guide, teacher, healer, lover and friend. For generations we have been taught to question the wisdom of this, and instead listen to lies and beliefs, fears and separation from our natural truth and knowing.

Building our connection to our true self and soul, and making it the dominant voice in our head, and guide to action, is how to be in the flow.

Love and Light

Love and Light


Being brave and fearless and taking control of our lives allows us to break habits and addictions to what pulls us away from our true knowing and being. Using our strong will in our own best interest allow us to break patterns of the family and culture that have us follow a course of destruction and pain.

The body knows the truth and will give us clear messages to stop and change course. We are encouraged to take a pill to mask the message and ignore it and hope it goes away.

The Captain of your ship of you, body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul, does not want you to sink, it wants you to swim, float and flow, and make it to all of the lands of possibility you desire.

Your true self will keep refocusing you to change course back to your best direction until you do. Let go of the fight and find the inner flow of truth and love, wisdom and ease. It is always with you, on your side, guiding you home to you.




Stop fighting and slow down enough to question what is really occurring and find the highest truth. To surrender is to give up the fight, the old ego patterns that do not help, and find the flow.

Fighting the self is something we have been trained to do, and have lived for many years, so there will be resistance by the old energy patterns in place, that live against the self.

Waking up to take care of us, is a big step to freedom and flow. Our being is self-healing and guides us to the best direction for us. It’s known by the still small voice, the twinge of inner and outer knowing, that its time to stop and change course.

The journey is to learn to surrender to more flow, truth, health, joy, peace and love by breaking the addiction to fear and false control.


It can be like wrestling an alligator when we fight with our true self. We are the struggle; the self just sits in truth. The true self cannot be negotiated with. Freedom comes by aligning with the best for us and letting everything else go.

Many are addicted to the drama and trying to make lies, truth. The truth stands free in love and harmony. The ego fights for the lies, fear and control to the death of body, mind and soul if we let it. Resistance is not you it is the one who has you stuck in cycles of pain and blame, fear and hopelessness.

If you are going to fight, fight the negative thoughts in your head that play you, and keep you trapped and in pain. Fight the ones that tell you to do and say things that hurt instead of help.

The Clear Path

The Clear Path


Getting you on your side is the job. All of the wisdom is inside to help you find a new way to live and be. Aligning with all that supports us allows the universe to keep that course of support to flow us to the goals.

We are not fighting an outside source, as much as finding our true course. When we stay focused on where we are heading and stand in our power and truth the path opens and we flow with the go.

Choose exactly what calls to you to manifest and live. Listen to the course corrections, let go of the ego, and listen to the you, that is the one who knows. It is gentle and will not try to convince you. There is no bartering or fear when the truth and course is clear.

Allow the inner guide to navigate and Captain your ship. It knows where it’s going, even when you are not conscious of it. Trust this wise inner you and go with the divine flow.

Live the Power of You!

Live the Power of You!

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You!

Janet StraightArrow is an expert in helping people find their true self and learn how to live from this inner place of wisdom and grace. It is the journey to learn and trust this and clear away all of the blocks and habits of lifetimes of living against us to be free to flow. Profound and simple teachings and tools await with Be The Medicine.

Call Janet today to discover how you can find the direct path to you. Its a wild and wonder filled ride and makes perfect sense. StraightArrow is a cheerleader and wise woman who helps you steer your own course to the best life, health and you. Janet walks the walk and makes it simple for you to learn how to be and do it too.

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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,400 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 57 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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